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Live A Thousand Years
Message | Have you ever met someone whose passion for living was so robust that others said of him, “He’s lived enough to fill two lifetimes”? Now imagine living each of day your life to its very fullest, to a point where the sum total of your life experiences is enough to fill a thousand years.

At the heart of the Live A Thousand Years performance Giovanni redefines the numbers on the clock and introduces the Twelve Chimes, or twelve essential elements necessary to create a grander life experience. The Twelve Chimes are:

Chime One: Time for Yourself
Chime Two: Time to Be Positive
Chime Three: Time to Give
Chime Four: Time for Relationships
Chime Five: Time to Learn
Chime Six: Time in the Moment
Chime Seven: Time to Dream
Chime Eight: Time to Play
Chime Nine: Time to Work
Chime Ten: Time to Forgive
Chime Eleven: Time to be Brave
Chime Twelve: Time to Reset

During his Live A Thousand Years performance, Giovanni incorporates the Twelve Chimes into your company’s own unique themes and messaging to deliver a customized, one-of-a-kind experience that is as invigorating as it is insightful, humorous as it is heart-felt, and whimsical as it is wise. Combining energetic music, jaw-dropping magic, meaningful audience participation and Giovanni’s own original style and unparalleled showmanship, Live A Thousand Years will drive home your key objectives and challenge your audience to live life with greater passion, purpose and balance.

“Live A Thousand Years is exactly the kind of deep message that connects the hearts and minds of today’s corporate’s a guaranteed smash hit!”

Workshop and breakout sessions are also available.
Outcomes | The Live A Thousand Years performance is ideally positioned to bring a triumphant close to your event or conference. Live A Thousand Years speaks to audience members on an intimate level and will transform both their personal and professional lives. When the book is given as a follow-up to the speech, the message creates a truly memorable experience that will resonate within each individual long after the performance is over...possibly even for a thousand years and beyond.

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Program Time: 60-90 minutes

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Workshop and Breakout Sessions
In these interactive workshops and breakout sessions from Giovanni Experiences, your group participates in unique, hands-on activities that open their minds and help them make personal and professional transformations. These customized sessions can go from 90 minutes to a full day and can include:

  • The Document of Discovery. Giovanni guides your group through an astonishing self-discovery. The Document of Discovery uses the Twelve Chimes to help your group take a personal inventory of where they are now, so they can discover their greatest strengths and opportunities in creating a grander life experience.
  • The Time Bank. A dramatic experience where participants literally hold the time of their lives in their own hands. Participants wake up to the reality of how precious their time truly is and learn how to move from spending time to investing time, both personally and professionally.
  • The Mosaic. Giovanni guides your group in an eye-opening exercise that illustrates how to recognize and cultivate the most meaningful relationships in their personal and professional lives.
  • The IT Atom. As Live A Thousand Years teaches, people who are happy and excellent at their work have “IT.” During this creative brainstorm activity, participants create 100 possibilities where their passion and talent collide in their personal and professional lives.
  • Twelve Chime Brainstorm. Giovanni teaches your group how to overcome obstacles and solve problems through a special technique using the Twelve Chimes.
  • Giovanni Unplugged. In this intimate question and answer session with Giovanni, your group can interact with this master creator of experiences. Topics are customized to your own unique objectives.
Live a Thousand Years
Giovanni is available for single performances, half day and full day programs. Please call for tailored packages and pricing.
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“Giovanni introduces
the Twelve Chimes.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s
time to talk about your baggage!”

Your audience will never forget Giovanni’s signature “Happy New Year!” finale.