Press Release - August 10, 2008

Local Winter Park Resident Giovanni Livera Reaches Second HALL OF FAME Status in Two Separate Careers!

(August 7, 2008, Orlando, Florida) Reaching the Hall of Fame status is a difficult feat for any person in any career. It takes hard work, focus, commitment, and the ability to rise above the rest of the people in the given field. It normally takes a lifetime of a career to
reach that particular status and is normally voted on by the peers in their industry. And here in Orlando, we have an extraordinary person who has reached the Hall of Fame award in two completely different careers!

And this past Monday night, August 4, at an awards banquet in front of several thousand attendees of the National Speakers Association convention in NYC, Winter Park Resident Giovanni Livera accepted the Speakers Hall of Fame Award for excellence in speaking. In a totally separate career in 1991- Livera received the Gold Cup for Excellence in the Art of Magic by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Giovanni hosted his own TV show at age 19 then in 1989-90 became the official magician for the NBA Orlando Magic during the opening season. Giovanni is credited with numerous inventions in sports entertainment such as the T-shirt Launcher and the
and Backpack Basketball that entertained the crowds during half time here and around the world.

Never to be at a stand still, Giovanni has been incorporating his passionate messages of inspiration into his astonishing performances since 1992. He has since traveled the globe to become one of the top corporate motivational performers in the world. He has presented to over half of the Fortune 500 companies.

Giovanni is the founder of TimeCompass, a innovational first of its kind personal and professional development center in Winter Springs FL. He is the author of three books including his latest work, “Live a Thousand Years, Have the Time of Your Life”, which is now a inspirational seller.

For more information contact Don Catalano at 407-657-7655, 800-257-9648. (Photos of Giovanni holding this new award in the middle of Times Square are available.)



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